Summer news

Hey guys,

Some news of what we’re up to this summer. First of all, we are so thrilled to be featured on the Burger World compilation for France by Burger Records ! WHOOHOO ! You will hear “Please, no” next to other cool tunes from French Bands, including Tapeworms, Cannery Terror or Beat Mark…

Burger World France compilation by Burger Records, Mary Bell "Please No"

The compilation is available on tape on the Burger Records Bandcamp page but we will have 30 tapes on our side to sell on the merch table. So maybe, if you can wait ’til you see us on stage by the end of the year, you’ll be able to buy one of the tapes directly from us.

Other cool news : we’re heading back to the studio by the end of July ! We planned on recording 6 new tracks, which should see the light on a beautiful record sometime in 2018… Can’t wait for it, this is so exciting !

We’ll see you in september, when we hit the road again… Stay tuned !

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