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Mary Bell is like a Charles Burns graphic novel: it’s pulpy, energetic, and it will make you fear for your life.
—Sophie Kemp
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Their music sounds like something you’d get if the heaviest of grunge bands got together with feminist Riot Grrl punk bands to form a supergroup: Imagine, say, Kathleen Hanna on vocals with Buzz Osborne (of the Melvins) on guitar.
—Amy Benfer
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Overblown interview :

The quartet mine a brand of punk that is short, direct, and rather explosive. Easy comparisons would be to the riot grrl movement and other feminist punks like Kathleen Hanna and Mia Zapata, however the band equally draw on 1950’s rock ‘n’ roll, the fuzz of proto-punks The Stooges, and bands from the first wave of punk.
—Jamie Coughlan
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Their new album, Mary Bell LP, is this incredibly noisy, loud, and ferocious mix. It combines the vocal discord of Bikini Kill, the raw guitars of The Melvins, and the raw energy of early Ramones. […] With song titles like “I hate you” and “Shit on the parkway,” it’s not a subtle release. With so much music out there that is now considered to be punk, it’s refreshing to get something that is actually punk without being a throwback.
—Ken Sears
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Noisey France :

Allez faire l’effort de réellement écouter le disque (genre 2 fois) et de vous rendre compte 1/ que ces 13 titres sont d’une classe et d’une finesse insensées, 2/ que ce son de basse a, de toute évidence, moyen de déclencher des elephantiasis du scrotum à distance, et 3/ que s’opposer à ce disque, ce serait comme écrire un pamphlet contre les fraises, la transpiration ou Jean Moulin : ça n’aurait aucun sens.
—Lelo Jimmy Batista
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