Some nice gigs in June coming up !

Good news ! We’re gonna hit the road again in June !

First of all, we are so stoked to play again with NOTS (from Memphis, TN) on June, 3rd at le Point Ephémère in Paris. They’re so wild & amazing live, don’t you think ?

Then, we are heading to Belgium and the Netherlands ! We have a show planned at Pacific Parc in Amsterdam on June 17th. Check out the cool flyer :

Flyer for Mary Bell's gig in Amsterdam, june 17th

And it is a free show !

We will also be playing in Poitiers and La Rochelle at the end of the month (more info to come) which is exciting because we’ve never played there ! Can’t wait !

We’re still looking for a gig on June, 15th somewhere between Paris and Amsterdam. If you want to make us play at that date, please contact us and we will arrange something.

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