“Histrion” preorders finally open !! Listen to “Band-aid baby”

Hey all,

This is a very exciting news ! “Histrion” is now available for preorder through Bandcamp. And to celebrate, we’ve uploaded the 1st track of the record : “Band-aid baby”.

All the lyrics are also up on our Bandcamp so go check them out ! Some of them are very important for us and really depict the band spirit lately. Yeah, basically, we’re kind of pissed. But, hey, music is a pretty good outlet for that, don’t you think ?

Mary Bell cover for "Histrion", by Stellar Leuna

Also, take a little moment to really appreciate the cover artwork that the amazing Stellar Leuna made for our record. We were all speechless when we first saw it, and honestly, still are a bit ! ????

“Histrion” should be out at the end of September. We’ll definitely let you know !


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