Bio & pics

Mary Bell is a Parisian punk band named after a British serial killer from the ‘60s, inspired by (mostly American) hardcore and grunge bands from the ‘90s. Their music sounds like something you’d get if the heaviest of grunge bands got together with feminist Riot Grrl punk bands to form a supergroup: Imagine, say, Kathleen Hanna on vocals with Buzz Osborne (of the Melvins) on guitar.

-Amy Benfer (Bandcamp)

They say Mary Bell was an angry child who wanted to hurt someone, and that’s what she did when she killed two innocent young boys. Razor sharp, ripping scissors, our aim is to fulfill her legacy. Think raw girl vocals, dark fuzz, post-punk, grunge and dissonance. We are angry children and we want to hurt you.


Alice from Mary Bell, stage diving Gailla from Mary Bell, playing drums Alice from Mary Bell, singing at the Rockerill Fest Alice and Tristan from Mary Bell, on stage at the Rockerill Fest Victoria from Mary Bell, playing guitar at the Rockerill Fest Tristan from Mary Bell, playing bass at La Station (Paris) Mary Bell at La Station (Paris) Tristan from Mary Bell, playing bass at the Rockerill Fest Gailla & Victoria from Mary Bell, at Le Ptit Minou (Brest)