HISTRION is now out !

Hello pals !

We’re now back from a crazy mini tour in Kortrijk & Leipzig, but we haven’t forgotten that today is official release day for HISTRION ! 

This 12” record was feasible thanks to the amazing work of Le Collectif Semi-Conscient, Le Turc Mécanique & Danger Records.

So you can now stream & download all the songs, they all are available in “name your price” on Bandcamp, and of course buy the 12” vinyl and its how-so-wonderful artwork made by Stellar Leuna ! ????

With love/hate,
Mary Bell.

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“Histrion” preorders finally open !! Listen to “Band-aid baby”

Hey all,

This is a very exciting news ! “Histrion” is now available for preorder through Bandcamp. And to celebrate, we’ve uploaded the 1st track of the record : “Band-aid baby”.

All the lyrics are also up on our Bandcamp so go check them out ! Some of them are very important for us and really depict the band spirit lately. Yeah, basically, we’re kind of pissed. But, hey, music is a pretty good outlet for that, don’t you think ?

Mary Bell cover for "Histrion", by Stellar Leuna

Also, take a little moment to really appreciate the cover artwork that the amazing Stellar Leuna made for our record. We were all speechless when we first saw it, and honestly, still are a bit ! ????

“Histrion” should be out at the end of September. We’ll definitely let you know !


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JetLag RockNRoll – Paris edition featuring Mary Bell !

A year ago, we were contacted by the wonderful team from JetLag Rocknroll, a vlog exploring different cities & countries through the eyes of their residents. Some of their episodes include discovering Brooklyn with the Baby Shakes, or San Francisco with the Okmoniks.

And here it is, now, the long awaited episode presenting Paris through the eyes of the members of Mary Bell, Jon & the Vons and Iwan Le Terrible !

You can stream the full episode on Youtube below, but also check out their website for full details, addresses + map of everything we’re talking about !

Thank you Lily & Chris, and long live JetLag Rocknroll !

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New merch in our Bandcamp !

Hello everyone,

Hope you all had a nice summer. We’re back on track, plenty of gigs are coming up : Brighton & London (UK), Le Mans, Vannes & Paris (FR), some more in Germany…

And we have new merch : new buttons & new shirts, think esoteric cosmic shit !✨

Big buttons Mary Bell, Haxan movie Mary Bell t-shirt tarot hand Mary Bell t-shirt tarot hand
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Summer news

Hey guys,

Some news of what we’re up to this summer. First of all, we are so thrilled to be featured on the Burger World compilation for France by Burger Records ! WHOOHOO ! You will hear “Please, no” next to other cool tunes from French Bands, including Tapeworms, Cannery Terror or Beat Mark…

Burger World France compilation by Burger Records, Mary Bell "Please No"

The compilation is available on tape on the Burger Records Bandcamp page but we will have 30 tapes on our side to sell on the merch table. So maybe, if you can wait ’til you see us on stage by the end of the year, you’ll be able to buy one of the tapes directly from us.

Other cool news : we’re heading back to the studio by the end of July ! We planned on recording 6 new tracks, which should see the light on a beautiful record sometime in 2018… Can’t wait for it, this is so exciting !

We’ll see you in september, when we hit the road again… Stay tuned !

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